Photobucket Crafts and Collectibles: November 2006

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Santas-Old and New

...Some more of my Santas I've collected (and made) over the years...

I really love the older ones...the little elf-like figures (ornaments)-These are cardboard usually; also some are made with small pine cones for the bodies.

Also love the made in Germany - Candy holders! These are usually cardboard and come apart with a place inside that originally was filled with candy!

I have several of the 'Dancing santas too! They are covered with a felt-like material and look as tho they are dancing! (from 50s-60s)

These pictures show older and newer santas!

Junie (The Kid!)

Monday, November 27, 2006

SnowPeople ~ (Ginga's Santas)

Meet some of my SnowPeople!

I know -I know....their smiles are usually made of black coal but I painted all of mine with cheery reds or pinks, to match their scarves!

...If I ever do any others I might try to do them in more subdued colors! But for now we'll just have to make do with these little happy SnowPeople!

These little guys look very content with that snowy background, ehh?

Also- here's a picture of " The Snodens." They came to visit one Christmas Eve, looking all spiffy, we all thought; with those matching scarves!

Truth be told-I was a bit nervous to have them in the warm house and on my couch, but I quickly adjusted the AC...( I did it in a subtle manner so as not to offend!)
...and I DID NOT offer any hot chocolate to them! :( I hope they didn't think me a poor hostess!


Sunday, November 26, 2006

The real santa.....

Which do you think is the real santa?

Hard to say!


Santa X two!

These are a couple of old santas I bought off ebay!

Left is a very fat, stuffed santa.

Right is a santa doll with arms and legs that move. He's of some plastic -like material! His beard is kinda in pitiful shape-but that's ok!

Both stand about 18 inches-as I recall! And both are probably from the 50s or 60s-not sure; and it doesn't matter-because they both make me smile!)

They both help to make things Merry around here during the Christmas holiday! :)


Saturday, November 25, 2006

Some Angels!

Here are a few of my angels:
center and far right are my papier mache' angels and the little one holding the hearts is a mini-gourd with goose feather wings. There are a couple of crochet ornaments. (which I got at craft shows)
The beautiful angel on the left in burgandy gown is a tree topper I have had for at least 35 years!

~Some of my favorite things~


Friday, November 24, 2006

A very delicate Christmas Tree

This is a cone Christmas tree I made a few years back!

~a different look in Christmas trees~


Saturday, November 18, 2006

More Santas from my collection !

From my earliest childhood I had a fascination with SANTA CLAUS!

In fact- never wanted to give up the idea of SANTA...
some might say I never did! ;)

A few years ago I decided to start making some Santas of my own. I did a LOT- in Papier Mache-Gourds and Cypress Knees!
I went on to create a lot of different things; mostly Christmas items!

I want to share some more of them here!
(I have posted some already)

I hope some of you will enjoy seeing them! :)


Along with the craft santas etc. I have made, I also have a bunch that I have bought over the years! I will identify all as I go along!

***The little santa at the bottom is one of my all original Papier Mache Santa CandyCane Holder! He stands about 8 inches tall and the bag he is holding open is just the right size to hold CandyCanes!

***Next up is a group of 3 Papier Mache and 2 Cypress Knee santas. The motorcycle guy is one I couldn't resist buying for my husband! :)

*** Top photo is 3 Christmas trees, made of strips of newspaper applied to a cone; painted and decorated.



Monday, November 13, 2006

A couple of my favorite guys!

(Click on pics to enlarge)

These 2 guys have been around for a while now! (Since the little boys who once owned them are ages 21 and 23!)

Curious George was Dan's constant companion when he was age (approx) 3 to 5- and My Buddy was Brian's buddy during that same (approx) time frame!

Dan would make up elaborate stories, staring Curious George and some of his other toys!
(Snoopy, for one)

I always expected to have these guys join my collection - and, sure enough, they did eventually come to have a permanent place at my house!

A little funny, mystery tale goes along with Buddy.

Brian, when the time was right, told me he was ready to let Buddy come live at my house! :) I was thrilled! (Me-the DOLL lover and Grandkids lover-made it very desirable to have these 2 toys, which had belonged to my first 2 grandsons!)

Ok- Brian was maybe age 7-8 and Dan age 9-10 when I finally got Buddy added to my dolls!

Buddy had that little Dutch boy haircut know -sort of like the early John Denver look! He had the bangs and straight hair-all around his head. With that hair and the Blue eyes he resembled fact that is the reason his mom had got Brian the doll when he was just a toddler!

Later in the day -that very day- I noticed someone had given Buddy a haircut! The bangs had been cut- very short in the front! :) When asked, neither boy would own up to having done the deed! To this day they both say they 'don't remember!' ;)

I might would have thought I could have been mistaken...except I found a hunk of Buddy's hair in the trashcan!! ;)
Buddy's Haircut:

;) Doesn’t matter- I treasure these two guys...and the two little guys who once played with them!

Buddy sits in my bedroom on a fancy chair (bad haircut and all) and Curious sits in my husband's den!

~~~Some of my favorite things!~~~



Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Cone Santas

These guys have been around for a few years. I made them in 1994.

They usually have this spot on this same shelf each year to help us celebrate Christmas! I like to pose them all together like this!

They are made of papier mache' - over a styrofoam cone shape; with torn bits of newspaper making the beards and fur trim! They stand about 12 inches tall.

(Ginga's Cone Santas)


Junie (Ginga)