Photobucket Crafts and Collectibles: September 2006

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Carved Bird!

This is a piece we have had since 1986.

On a trip to visit Daughter and family, (at Fort Ord Army Base) we made a side trip to Medira.

Charles had a cousin (2nd cousin) there who he had not seen since they were kids. We had heard through the family grapevine that this cousin was a very talented artist - creating extraordinary woodcarvings of birds!

Charles (in white pants) and his cousin, Jerry Dollar

We were not prepared for the fantastic quality of his work! He had several finished bird woodcarvings on display. The one we bought was, by no means, the most elaborate or showy piece, but was one of the more affordable sculptures! Even so-it was priced at $400.00! I was thrilled to get this little 'Black Capped Chickadee!'

At that time he told us of having sold a piece for around $30,000. He had a picture of it. It was a hawk and two Western Blue Jays, fighting! It was a fantastic sculpture!


Although Charles and his cousin enjoyed visiting together that day they did not keep in touch.

When I thought of posting about our BIRD I decided to see if there was anything on the web about the artist, Jerry Dollar!
To my great surprise his name came up, first thing- and with the piece of ART that we saw the picture of that day!

There's a picture of that sculpture on this website...and it's up for sale!
(By original owner, it says)

You'll agree Jerry Dollar is a most talented woodcarver!


Sunday, September 17, 2006

Mother & Child Sculpture

Mother and Child Sculpture


This is an unusual piece of ART that we have had for many years. It's a metal sculpture, made of screws, nuts and bolts and other pieces of metal! It is a mother nursing her baby!

This is something we have always enjoyed having around as a one of a kind piece of work that I find quite creative and whimsical.

Best of all, it was created by someone my husband and I both knew. He was the father of one of my friends in school-and beyond-and my husband knew him well also. Charles worked for him, at his garage, for a while. His name was Hy Mizell.

This artist did not get into creating these pieces until his retirement (as far as I know) and my husband and I were surprised and thrilled to come across him and his ART set up in an art show in the mall near us. This was many years ago in Miami, Fl.
Of course we wanted to buy a piece-not only because we had known him for a long time but also because of the uniqueness of the sculptures!

This is one we both liked though he had other, more elaborate, pieces!

I remember one was of a mother, in childbirth, with a doctor and nurse and a newborn babe, just delivered!

:) Amazing!


Sunday, September 03, 2006

Gourd Wall Hanger-Finished!

I did it!


Although it is kind of rough...the cracks are on the back side and won't be noticed! I'm glad I decided to finish it!

I put some Ivy in it just to make the picture. I will probably put holly in it during the Christmas season.

Here are the steps in making it.
(Rather, in finishing it up!)

#1- set up to start the painting

#2- Half way through

#3- Finished and hanging on the wall