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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pink Saturday~July21, 2012~ Christmas in July??

It's time again for
 "Pink Saturday!"

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In the past I was deeply into crafting and my favorite things to make were Christmas figures-especially Santas.

Here are a couple examples of what I liked to do ~ and they just happen to be in Pink!

 This santa is all original papier mache'! By all original I mean no molds were used in the creating of these figures, so, even though I made a LOT of these, no 2 were ever the same.

I made them in different sizes too. This one is just over 12 inches tall. He is one of just a few that I dressed in pink!

  :)  Even in pink, this guy is no sissy! Look at that heavy bag of toys on his back!!

 (I made this one especially for my own home-to use in my rose/pink living room.)

 I signed and dated all that I made and I see this was #3 - in 1991.

These next ones are painted gourd santas.
The first one is a medium size hanging santa, which I use at a window with lights all around him. Most of my gourds I painted red but this one is a rose/pink!

The others here are made from small gourds-ornament size!

  I also made some cone and papier mache' trees. I decorated this one with tiny pink roses. It's 12 inches tall!

~My Christmas in July post~ 


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